Employing children in acting and modelling

The Office of the Children’s Guardian regulates when and how babies, children and young people are employed for their modelling or acting services.

boy peaking behind stage curtain

A child is a performer who is under 15 years of age or a model who is under 16 years of age.

You are employing a child when all the following 3 items apply:

The child is performing in the entertainment, exhibition, still photography or modelling sectors

You are giving the child, or someone else, a payment or material benefit (goods and services in lieu of payment) at any point in time for the child’s services AND

You have some level of responsibility for casting a child in a role and for the directions given to that child to perform activities.


Tertiary students who direct children to perform in entertainment or still photography as part of their studies are deemed to be employing children, even if the children are not being paid. 

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