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Last update: 11 January 2023

Information for individuals, workers or volunteers who need a Working with Children Check

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    The Working with Children Check (WWCC) is a requirement for anyone in paid or volunteer child-related work in NSW. 

    The Check lasts for 5 years even if you change roles.  Just let your new employer know your WWC number so they can verify you on our system. 

    All WWCC holders are subject to continuous monitoring for new police or workplace records so that we can ensure all people cleared to work with children are safe. 

    Before you apply

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    Make sure you need a Check

    Only people who are in child-related work need a Check. You should speak with your employer or look at our website to see if you need one. If you apply and find out you do not need one, there are no refunds.

    More information on who needs a Check

    If you work with children with disability, you may also need an NDIS Worker Check.

    Make sure you have the proof of identity documents you need

    You will need to enter 4 identification documents as part of your application. The identification documents you provide must be original, current, physical documents* and must include at least one photo ID. Laminated documents cannot be accepted by Service NSW. Please make sure you have these documents ready before you start your application.

    More information on proof of identity

    *NSW digital driver licence accepted.

    Make sure you apply for the right Check

    If you are in paid work, you must apply for a paid Check at a cost of $80. The WWCC is free for:

    • volunteers
    • students over 18 on professional placement
    • potential adoptive parents
    • authorised carers (carers of children in statutory and supported out-of-home care)
    • adults who live in the home of an authorised carer, a family day care service provider, or home-based education and care service provider.

    A volunteer WWCC is not valid for paid work. If you are a volunteer and you begin paid work, you have 30 days from the date that you begin that work to upgrade to a WWCC for paid workers. To upgrade your Check, complete the update or upgrade your details form.

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