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Last update: 20 January 2023

The Office of the Children's Guardian monitors the time a child or young person spends in the care of specialised substitute residential care providers. This enables us to identify where additional support may be provided to the family or formalised planning for longer-term placements,

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    SSRC/VOOHC Register

    The register portal will still refer to ‘Voluntary Out-of-Home Care’. This will be updated through future planned amendments to the portal.

    Log into the SSRC register

    The specialised substitute residential care (SSRC) register is a secure online database that records information about children or young people in care and the organisations who provide or supervise that care.

    The register must be updated by the care provider. If the care provider is not a designated agency and there is a supervising agency, the register must also be updated by the supervising designated agency.

    Access to the online register is through a secure login. Prior to access, please complete the Child Safe Self-Assessment.

    Please email to ask for access the SSRC Register. One of our team will be in touch within 3 business days.

    These videos step through how to use the register.

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