What parents need to know about the Working with Children Check

Last update: 08 December 2022

There are times when a parent may need to hold or verify a Working with Children Check (WWCC) clearance. 

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    Do parents and carers need a Check?

    Anyone providing a service for under 18-year-olds generally needs a WWCC.

    A parent or close relative can volunteer without a WWCC for:

    • the school, early education service or other educational provider for their child
    • a team, program or activity in which their child usually participates.


    A parent or close relative will need a WWCC if the role involves:

    • an overnight camp
    • formal mentoring
    • intimate personal care of a child with a disability.


    Verify a WWCC

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    Parents and carers need to verify the Working with Children (WWC) or Application (APP) number of a self-employed or independent worker before they start, so you know if the worker is cleared to work with children. By verifying the worker, we can also contact you if the status of their Check changes, and if  you need to remove the person from working with your child.

    Examples of people you may need to verify:

    • au pairs and nannies
    • tutors
    • paid sport coaches
    • music teachers outside school
    • party entertainers.


    If you arrange a private babysitter or cleaner in your home, they do not need a Check.

    1 Complete the verify form

    Verify form

    Enter your details and the family name, birth date, WWC number or APP number of the worker.

    The person you are verifying must provide you with these details. 

    2 Check the status

    After you submit the form, you will see the worker's Check status. 

    You can only hire someone with a 'Cleared' or 'Application in progress' status.

    Do not use a person who is barred, interim barred or not found.

    Check a status

    3 Keep a record

    Keep track of the worker's WWCC details including the expiry date.

    Verify the worker again if they still work for you when their Check expires.

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