Register of authorised employers

Last update: 23 January 2023

The Office of the Children's Guardian regulates the employment of children under 15 years of age in the entertainment and exhibition, still photography, door-to-door sales industries and children under 16 years of age in the modelling industry.

Employers of children in these industries must have a valid Authority to employ such children in NSW and comply with the Code of Practice.

Types of authorities:

  • entertainment and exhibition
  • still photography only
  • door-to-door sales only
  • student.
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      Register of authorised employers

      The register is updated each Monday. From 1 July 2021, employers will be given a new authority reference number each time they apply for an authority. This reference number will be valid only for that authority certificate. Performer representatives will need to check and record the employer authority number each time a child is employed.

      If you are unsure whether an employer is authorised to employ children in the relevant industries please contact us.

      Register of authorised employers - 23 January 2023

      Register of authorised employers - 23 January 2023
      Employer NameEmployers Trading NameAuthority IDStart DateExpiry DateDurationAuthority Type
      10PP SPV PTY LTDTen Pound PomsAU70581/05/202230/04/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      Abel GrisezAU695724/03/202223/03/202312 monthsStudent
      ADVERTISING ADVANTAGE PTY LTDAdvertising AdvantageAU71907/07/20226/07/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      Airlie BensonAirlie BensonAU73572/10/20221/10/202312 monthsStudent
      Alan DanAU703021/05/202220/05/202312 monthsStudent
      Alana Claire CarlingAlana Claire ProductionsAU728426/08/202225/08/202312 monthsStudent
      Alannah RigbyAU733715/09/202214/09/202312 monthsStudent
      Anika AlvarezChey AlvarezAU705428/04/202227/04/202312 monthsStudent
      Aqua Blu Swimwear Pty LimitedOZ SWIM GROUPAU754518/01/202324/01/20231 weekStill Photography Only
      Archibald Williams Pty LtdArchibald Williams Pty LtdAU754130/01/20235/02/20231 weekEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      Archibald Williams Pty LtdArchibald Williams Pty LtdAU754213/02/202319/02/20231 weekEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      ARTBOXBLACK PTY. LTD.ArtboxblackAU743024/10/202223/10/202312 monthsStill Photography Only
      AUSTRALIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATIONABC COMMERCIALAU74742/12/20221/12/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      Australian Gallery Group PLAustralian Gallery Group Pty LtdAU692016/02/202215/02/202312 monthsStill Photography Only
      AUSTRALIAN MUSEUM TRUSTAustralian MuseumAU698222/03/202221/03/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      BASHFUL ADVERTISING PTY LTDBashfulAU74181/11/202231/10/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      Bella BurtonAU71055/06/20224/06/202312 monthsStudent
      BEST & LESS PTY LIMITEDBest & LessAU737916/10/202215/10/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      BEYOND PRODUCTIONS PTY LTDBEYOND PRODUCTIONS PTY LTDAU71392/06/20221/06/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      BLACKTOWN CITY COUNCILBLACKTOWN CITY COUNCILAU695924/03/202223/03/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      Brendan HohnenAU68767/02/20226/02/202312 monthsStudent
      Caleb IrwinAU70431/06/202231/05/202312 monthsStudent
      CAMILLA AUSTRALIA PTY LTDCAMILLA AUSTRALIAAU754623/01/202329/01/20231 weekEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      CANOPY PRODUCTIONS PTY LTDCANOPY PRODUCTIONS PTY LTDAU75352/03/20238/03/20231 weekEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      CANOPY PRODUCTIONS PTY LTDCANOPY PRODUCTIONS PTY LTDAU75363/02/20239/02/20231 weekEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      cerise mabbottAU708313/05/202212/05/202312 monthsStudent
      Charlotte Rose Hunt TannerAU736628/09/202227/09/202312 monthsStudent
      CHE PROXIMITY PTY LTDCHEP NetworkAU704513/04/202212/04/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      CHEE PRODUCTIONS PTY LTDAU741212/10/202211/10/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      CHEEKY LITTLE MEDIA PTY LIMITEDCheeky LittleAU70736/05/20225/05/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      CHIC ARTIST PTY LTDTHE ARTIST GROUPAU754023/01/202329/01/20231 weekStill Photography Only
      CLDR PTY LTDcollider filmsAU696612/03/202211/03/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      CLEMENGER BBDO (MELBOURNE) PTY LTDClemenger BBDO AUSTRALIAAU720514/07/202213/07/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      Clockwork Films Pty LtdAU74483/11/20222/11/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      COUNTRY ROAD CLOTHING PTY. LTD.Country Road Clothing Pty LtdAU734928/09/202227/09/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      DDB SYDNEY PTY LIMITEDDDB SydneyAU721123/07/202222/07/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      DENTSU CREATIVE PTY LTD akaBWM ISOBAR PTY LTDDentsuAU737020/09/202219/09/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      Destination NSWDESTINATION SYDNEYAU748628/11/202227/11/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      DMC Digital Pty LtdDMC DIGITAL PTY LIMITEDAU740512/10/202211/10/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      DODGER SPV PTY LTDThe Artful DodgerAU742225/10/202224/04/20236 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      DW CAUGHT PRODUCTIONS PTY LTDDW CAUGHT PRODUCTIONS PTY LTDAU730710/09/20229/09/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      EDEN CREATIVE MEDIA PTY LIMITEDEden KollectiveAU722726/07/202225/07/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      EMOTIVE PTY LIMITEDAU750515/12/202214/12/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      ENDEMOL SHINE AUSTRALIA PTY LTDSHINEAUSTRALIAAU72207/08/20226/08/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      ERTH VISUAL & PHYSICAL INCORPORATEDErth Visual & Physical IncorporatedAU75312/01/202329/01/20234 weeksEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      ESA PRODUCTIONS 5 PTY LTDESA PRODUCTIONS 5 PTY LTDAU69037/02/20226/02/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      FANTASTIC FURNITURE PTY LIMITEDFANTASTIC FURNITUREAU741112/10/202211/10/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      FLINT AUSTRALIA PTY LTDFLINT AUSTRALIAAU721615/07/202214/07/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      Form Dance Projects IncorporatedForm Dance Projects IncorporatedAU75295/01/202325/01/20233 weeksEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      FOXTEL MANAGEMENT PTY LIMITEDAU74151/11/202231/10/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      FREMANTLEMEDIA AUSTRALIA PTY LTDBay of FiresAU745315/11/202214/11/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      Harrison ToddAU68966/02/20225/02/202312 monthsStudent
      HAVAS AUSTRALIA PTY LTDHost/HavasAU73913/10/20222/10/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      HOGARTH AUSTRALIA PTY LTDHOGARTH AUSTRALIA PTY LTDAU72418/08/20227/08/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      HOWATSON NEWCO PTY LTDHowatson + CoAU716021/06/202220/06/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      HUZZAH PRODUCTIONS PTY LTDHUZZAH PRODUCTIONS PTY LTDAU700731/03/202230/03/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      Ian RunecklesSydney Film School WaterlooAU721723/07/202222/07/202312 monthsStudent
      IMAGE BUREAU COLLECTIVE PTY LTDIMAGE BUREAU COLLECTIVEAU69748/03/20227/03/202312 monthsStill Photography Only
      Infinity Squared Pty LtdINFINITY SQUAREDAU755431/01/20236/02/20231 weekEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      Internet Services Australia 1 Pty Limited (The Iconic)THE ICONIC KidsAU714918/06/202217/06/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      Iris van VeenenAU69513/03/20222/03/202312 monthsStudent
      Isabella AndronosAU702216/04/202215/04/202312 monthsStudent
      J. BLOCH PTY LTDAU735821/09/202220/09/202312 monthsStill Photography Only
      Jack ZimmermanAU754426/01/202325/01/202412 monthsStudent
      Joshua KoutsAU727224/08/202223/08/202312 monthsStudent
      K.I BROWN & A.F GASSER & A.L GASSER & SHOWTIME ATTRACTIONS PTY LTDSesame Street Circus SpectacularAU69124/02/20223/02/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      K25 PRODUCTIONS PTY LTDK25 PRODUCTIONS PTY LTDAU734319/09/202218/03/20236 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      Kaitlyn MoghabghabAU72528/08/20227/08/202312 monthsStudent
      KOALA SLEEP PTY. LTD.KOALA SLEEPAU74969/12/20228/03/20233 monthsStill Photography Only
      LEDNYAK & ASSOCIATES PTY LTDL&A SOCIALAU728230/08/202229/08/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      Little Beings PTY LTDLOVE TO DREAMAU751213/02/202319/02/20231 weekStill Photography Only
      LKOTX PRODUCTIONS PTY LTDLKOTX PRODUCTIONS PTY LTDAU702515/04/202214/04/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      LOUIS MOLINES PTY LTDLOUIS&COAU746121/11/202220/02/20233 monthsStill Photography Only
      M & C SAATCHI AGENCY PTY LIMITEDM&C Saatchi FabricAU693522/02/202221/02/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      MACVAD AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITEDDayana AriasAU753717/01/202316/01/202412 monthsStill Photography Only
      Madeleine Rebekah JurdAU731227/09/202226/09/202312 monthsStudent
      Madi PhoenixAU70501/05/202230/04/202312 monthsStudent
      Marcos AlexiadisAU699917/04/202216/04/202312 monthsStudent
      MARLO KIDS PTY LTDMichelle MikelsenAU71191/06/202231/05/202312 monthsStill Photography Only
      MARY POPPINS PRODUCTION PTY LTDMary Poppins Production P LtdAU69431/03/202228/02/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      Mason HubbardPlay These LoudAU69007/02/20226/02/202312 monthsStudent
      MAVIS GENEROSOMLG MANAGEMENTAU750214/12/202213/12/202312 monthsStill Photography Only
      MEDIUM RARE CONTENT AGENCY PTY LTDMedium Rare Content AgencyAU689331/01/202230/01/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      MICHAEL RANALLOwe could do thatAU755323/01/202329/01/20231 weekEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      MILK AND HONEY UNITED PTY LTDMilk & HoneyAU74373/11/20222/02/20233 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      Mitchell LongtonAU737128/09/202227/09/202312 monthsStudent
      MODERN TEACHING AIDS PTY LTDModern StarAU740418/10/202217/10/202312 monthsStill Photography Only
      MODIBODI PTY LTDModibodiAU748425/11/202224/11/202312 monthsStill Photography Only
      Neisha DallamoraAU736527/09/202226/09/202312 monthsStudent
      NETWORK TEN PTY LIMITEDNetwork 10AU717423/09/202222/09/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      NINE ENTERTAINMENT CO. PTY LTDPowered StudiosAU720820/07/202219/07/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      NORTH SHORE SPV PTY LTDNORTH SHORE SPV PTY LTDAU730112/09/202211/03/20236 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      NOW SCREEN PTY LTDNow ScreenAU72512/08/20221/08/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      ODDFISH MEDIA PTY LTDODDFISH MEDIA PTY LTDAU752118/01/202324/01/20231 weekEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      OGILVY AUSTRALIA PTY LTDOgilvy SydneyAU752219/12/202218/12/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      Oliver RoachAU714225/06/202224/06/202312 monthsStudent
      OPERA AUSTRALIAAU752020/01/202319/01/202412 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      PAPER STONE SCISSORS PTY. LTD.Paper Stone ScissorsAU74832/12/20221/12/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      PDOLLS PRODUCTION PTY LTDPaper Dolls ProductionAU75139/01/20238/01/202412 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      PHOTOPLAY LAB. PTY LTDPhotoplay PhotographyAU70696/05/20225/05/202312 monthsStill Photography Only
      PINCHGUT OPERA LTDPinchgut OperaAU744310/11/20229/02/20233 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      Pomegranate Studios Pty LtdPomegranate Studios Pty LtdAU73387/09/20226/09/202312 monthsStill Photography Only
      Prashant PRasadAU686227/01/202226/01/202312 monthsStudent
      PUBLICIS COMMUNICATIONS AUSTRALIA PTY LTDPublicis Team OneAU711327/05/202226/05/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      PUBLICIS MEDIA AUSTRALIA PTY LTDProdigious PlayAU724328/07/202227/07/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      R/GA MEDIA GROUP PTY LTDAU72477/08/20226/08/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      Rasic & Partners Pty LtdRasic & Partners Pty LtdAU755030/01/20235/02/20231 weekEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      Rebecca MatthesAU730226/09/202225/09/202312 monthsStudent
      RED DOOR PRODUCTION PTY. LTD.LOVERIDGE PRODUCTION & MANAGEMENTAU718110/07/20229/07/202312 monthsStill Photography Only
      Revolver Film Design Pty Limited & The Trustee for The Giant TrustRevolver PartnershipAU73348/09/20227/09/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      RICHARDS ROSE SYDNEY PTY LTDRICHARDS ROSEAU706029/04/202228/04/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      ROCK YOUR BABY PTY LTDRock Your BabyAU721915/07/202214/07/202312 monthsStill Photography Only
      Sally Yuen Wing NgAU723023/07/202222/07/202312 monthsStudent
      Saunders and Co Agency Pty LtdAU754924/01/202330/01/20231 weekStill Photography Only
      SBM SYDNEY PTY LTD AKA (SINNOTT BROS PTY LTD) (Aka Ovato)Sinnott Bros MediaAU689018/02/202217/02/202312 monthsStill Photography Only
      SCOUNDREL FILMS PTY LIMITEDScoundrelAU70794/05/20223/05/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      SEAFOLLY PTY. LIMITEDSEAFOLLY AUSTRALIAAU75513/02/20239/02/20231 weekStill Photography Only
      SENSATION PRODUCTION PTY LTDONE NIGHTAU74928/12/20227/06/20236 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      SEVEN NETWORK (OPERATIONS) LIMITEDAU745626/11/202225/11/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      Shea Monica DonohoeUniversity of Technology SydneyAU736125/09/202224/09/202312 monthsStudent
      SHOES & SOX PTY LIMITEDSHOES & SOXAU75281/01/202331/12/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      SIBLING AGENCY PTY LTDsiblingAU754310/01/20239/04/20233 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      Sophie BarkerAU68997/02/20226/02/202312 monthsStudent
      SOUTHERN CROSS AUSTEREO PTY LTDHit NetworkAU70689/05/20228/05/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      SP STING PRODUCTIONS PTY LIMITEDSP STING PRODUCTIONS PTY LIMITEDAU73099/09/20228/09/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      Special Broadcasting Services CorporationAU693416/02/202215/02/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      SPECIAL GROUP (MELBOURNE) PTY LTDSpecial MelbourneAU70106/04/20225/04/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      SPECIAL GROUP AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITEDSpecial SydneyAU753021/12/202220/12/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      SPINIFEX GROUP PTY LTDAU75571/02/20237/02/20231 weekEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      STEAMBROOK PROPRIETARY LIMITEDSeed HeritageAU75566/02/202312/02/20231 weekStill Photography Only
      Stefano PerriAU698530/03/202229/03/202312 monthsStudent
      Stella MuritiAU708217/05/202216/05/202312 monthsStudent
      Suzanna SteeleAU710224/05/202223/05/202312 monthsStudent
      Sydney Opera House TrustSydney Opera HouseAU692916/02/202215/02/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      SYDNEY THEATRE COMPANY LTDTHE WHARFAU729017/09/202216/09/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      SYMMETRY MEDIA PTY LIMITEDAU754718/01/202324/01/20231 weekEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      TBWA SYDNEY PTY LTDTBWAAU737526/09/202225/09/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      TCS AUSTRALIA PRODUCTIONS 2 PTY LTDTCS AUSTRALIA PRODUCTIONS 2 PTY LTDAU726222/08/202221/08/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      The Finch Company Pty LimitedAU725713/08/202212/08/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      THE HOOLIGAN COLLECTIVE PTY LTDDylan HarrisonAU709120/05/202219/05/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      THE KITCHEN CREATIVE GROUP PTY LTDThe Kitchen Creative GroupAU714614/07/202213/07/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      THE MONKEYS PTY LIMITEDThe MonkeysAU708116/05/202215/05/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      THE NEW ROYALS PTY LTDTHE ROYALSAU753818/01/202324/01/20231 weekEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      THE OPEN WINDOW BOUTIQUE PTY. LTD.AU755530/01/20235/02/20231 weekStill Photography Only
      The Trustee for BEAUJOLAIS UNIT TRUSTSportscraftAU693318/02/202217/02/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      The trustee for Core Ideas Unit TrustThe Core AgencyAU75481/02/20237/02/20231 weekEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      The Trustee for The Allkinds TrustAllkindsAU719618/07/202217/07/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      The Trustee for THE BMF UNIT TRUSTBantam ProductionsAU747325/11/202224/11/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      The trustee for The Pool Productions TrustThe Pool CollectiveAU733512/09/202211/09/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY (AUSTRALIA) PTY LIMITEDAU723831/07/202230/07/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      The Wiggles Holdings Pty LimitedHot Potato StudiosAU692323/02/202222/02/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      THE WORKS ENTERTAINMENT PTY LTDTHE WORKS ENTERTAINMENT PTY LTDAU75349/01/20238/07/20236 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      THE WORKSSYDNEY PTY. LTD.The WorksAU692522/02/202221/02/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      THE WORKSSYDNEY PTY. LTD.The WorksAU753921/02/202320/02/202412 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      Tilmann StewartAU68953/02/20222/02/202312 monthsStudent
      Tina CandeloriWestern Sydney UniAU701918/04/202217/04/202312 monthsStudent
      Tiny Tribe Pty LtdTiny Tribe Pty LtdAU746917/11/202216/11/202312 monthsStill Photography Only
      Totally Awesome Australia Pty LtdTOTALLYAWESOME AUSTRALIA PTY LTDAU692420/02/202219/02/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      Travis Wesley WeinerTravis WeinerAU73723/10/20222/10/20253 monthssStudent
      UNDERDOWN PRODUCTIONS PTY LIMITEDAU710030/05/202229/05/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      UNION MANAGEMENT PTY LTDUnion Creative CrewAU735415/09/202214/09/202312 monthsStill Photography Only
      VANESSA MANDERShoes & SoxAU751924/01/202330/01/20231 weekStill Photography Only
      VCX PTY LTDVCXAU722525/07/202224/07/202312 monthsStill Photography Only
      VICTORY HARVEST PTY LTDVICTORY HARVEST PTY LTDAU750014/12/202213/03/20233 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      VMLY&R PTY LIMITEDVault AUNZAU741910/01/20239/01/202412 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      Walaa ChahineAU725514/09/202213/09/202312 monthsStudent
      Wellcom WorldwideDIGITAL HOUSEAU698418/03/202217/03/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      WHITEGREY PTY LTDWhiteGrey ProductionsAU725610/08/20229/08/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      WOLF LIKE ME PRODUCTIONS PTY LTDWolf Like Me Productions Pty LtdAU71824/07/20223/07/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      WTFN ENTERTAINMENT PTY LTDMinute By MinuteAU690226/02/202225/02/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      WUNDERMAN THOMPSON PTY LTDWunderman Thompson SydneyAU693718/02/202217/02/202312 monthsEntertainment & Exhibition (E & E)
      Ziggy Lumley TowAU735222/09/202221/09/202312 monthsStudent
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