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Last update: 06 January 2023

How to apply to renew your statutory out-of-home care or adoption service provider accreditation.

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    Before accreditation expires or ends

    Agencies can be accredited for a period of 1, 3 or 5 years. To remain accredited your agency must continue to demonstrate compliance with the standards and prior to the accreditation expiry date, it must apply for renewal.

    Without current accreditation, an agency must not provide statutory out-of-home care or adoption services for children and young people in NSW.

    To gain or maintain accreditation, agencies must provide evidence to demonstrate that they meet the requirements of the NSW Child Safe Standards for Permanent Care 2015. Evidence assessed includes direct and indirect evidence.

    Further information about the evidence requirements can be found through the related content links below. 

    Renewal resources

    Our Renewal guide details the process for renewal including the types of questions we will ask at our onsite visits. 

    The Accreditation Guide has full details about accreditation and monitoring. 

    The Evidence Index assists assessors locate evidence of your agency’s compliance with the standards.

    Deferred accreditation decisions

    If your agency hasn’t demonstrated minimum compliance with accreditation criteria prior to the expiry date, the Children’s Guardian may defer the decision to renew accreditation under clause 7 of Schedule 3A and clause 7 of Schedule 3B to the Children's Guardian Act 2019.

    If your agency is providing statutory out-of-home care or adoption services, it can continue to do so until a decision on its accreditation renewal is finalised. The Children’s Guardian may impose additional conditions on an agency’s accreditation.

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