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Last update: 03 March 2022

Any organisation that has people who work or volunteer to provide services to children or young people must register with the Office of the Children’s Guardian to verify the Working with Children Check (WWCC) details of people they engage in child-related work.

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    How to register

    The process to register your organisation is quick and simple:

    Employer registration

    • Fill in the online form. Make sure to enter your organisation's name, address, ABN and contact information.
      • Avoid using a personal email address for your organisation. Automatic system emails will be sent to this address. 
    • Nominate two people within your organisation who will be notified in the event a child-related worker becomes barred. These two people must be officials of the organisation, with authority to receive and act on legal and confidential information.
    • Create a Username and Password.
      • Usernames cannot be changed - avoid using anything personal for your organisation's Username.
      • We do not have access to your Passwords. Please record your Username and Password in a secure place.
    • Click Submit.

    You can update registration details at any time. Just follow the log in to verify instructions below and go to the Amend Registration Details section.

    Sole traders with no employees need to supply their WWCC details to any relevant client (such as parents) for them to verify.  

    How to verify a worker or volunteer

    Verifying is a legal requirement and there is a fine for not verifying.

    Verifying lets us know that a particular person who holds a Working with Children Check works for your organisation. Verifying makes the link between the worker and organisation in our continuous monitoring system. If your worker becomes barred in the future, we will let you know immediately and advise you to remove the person from child-related work.

    You can verify a person’s application (APP) number once they have applied for a WWCC (except in the education sector) and then verify again when they receive their clearance number.

    You also need to verify again when workers renew their Check after five years.

    Verification must be done through our online WWCC system and you must keep a record of each verification. These are legal requirements.

    The process to verify a person online is quick and simple:

     Employer log in and verify 

    • Enter the username and password your organisation created when they registered as an employer
    • Select ‘Verify Working with Children Check status’ tab
    • Enter in a worker’s
      • family name
      • birth date
      • Working with Children Check (WWC) number or Application (APP) number
    • Click, ‘Verify’. This will generate a short report indicating the person's status
      • A person can only be employed or engaged in child-related work if the status is “Cleared” or “Application in progress”
      • See our WWCC status page for guidance on what different statuses mean.

    Don't forget to keep a record of the people you verify. 

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