How to apply for a WWCC

Last update: 18 July 2024

Information on applying for a NSW Working with Children Check (WWCC).

WWCC application process

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This is the process for new WWCC applications. If you are renewing your WWCC after 5 years, please renew, do not re-apply.

A WWCC is valid for 5 years.

1 Complete the online application form

WWCC online application form

To complete the online WWCC application, you’ll need:

  • 4 original identity documents (not photocopies, photos or scans) such as:
  • Your address
  • Your full name. If applicable, you must declare any previous names you’ve been known by throughout your life, including maiden names or aliases
  • Your email address (mandatory) and phone number


When you have completed the application, an application (APP) number will be sent to your email address.

You have 28 days to present this APP number and have your identification verified at Service NSW. If you don’t, the APP number will expire and you will need to complete a new online application form.

2 Take your email receipt, your proof of identity documents and fee (if applicable) to a Service NSW centre

To complete the WWCC application process, you need to have your identity documents verified at a Service NSW Centre.

Find your nearest Service NSW Centre

You will need to take with you:

  • A printed copy of your WWCC application receipt (including your APP number) or you can show the receipt on your phone
  • Your original proof of identity documents
  • $80 fee (if applicable). This will rise to $105 from 1 August 2024.


Once you have been to Service NSW, your application will progress to our WWCC system for screening. 

3 WWCC screening

During the screening process we check for police and workplace records.

If you do not have any relevant records you will be granted a WWCC clearance. You will receive an email from us which contains your Working with Children Check number (WWC number). Give this number to your employer so they can verify your details online.

If you do have records, it may take longer for a decision to be made about your application. In some cases, you may need to provide further information for your application to proceed. Requests for further information are sent by email. If you do not respond, your application may be closed.

Please wait 4 weeks before contacting us about your application.

More information on the application process

4 Give your APP/WWC number to your employer to verify your details online

You need to give your employer, organisation or parent who engages you to work with children:

  • your APP number after having your identification verified at a Service NSW Centre, and then your Working with Children Check number when you receive it. This number begins with WWC. 
  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth


This information will be verified online. When verifying your WWCC number, your expiry date will also be displayed.

The Working with Children Check is an online system. A physical card, certificate or PDF attachment is not issued. 

Keep your details on hand

You need the exact details entered on your application to update or renew your WWCC. The email you receive when you are granted a WWCC clearance has the details you will need, including your Working with Children Check number for future reference.

Your WWCC information can also be accessed securely in the Service NSW mobile app at any time and anywhere. We encourage you to download the Service NSW mobile app and link your WWCC clearance number with other details such as car registrations and your digital driver licence. For more information, please contact our customer service team by calling (02) 8219 3777 or going to our Contact us page.

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You can now renew your WWCC by using digital proof of identity – no need to visit a Service NSW Centre.
How to renew using digital proof of identity (POI)

You will need:

  • A MyServiceNSW account with the WWCC service added
  • 3 current identity documents including a NSW driver licence or photo card
  • a device with a working front camera for face verification.

If you're renewing a paid WWCC, you will also need a credit card, debit card, PayPal or PayID account.

If you have an expired WWCC clearance or have changed your name on your identity documents since the last time you renewed your WWCC, you can't renew using digital proof of identity.

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