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Last update: 17 February 2023

End-of-quarter NSW Carers Register statistics.

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    • The number of authorised carers has decreased slightly since December 2022.
    • 14% of Authorised Carers identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.
    • 62% of Carers are Female and 38% are Male, 0.03% identifies as Gender X.
    • 51% of Household members are over 18 years of age and require a WWCC.
    • DCJ manages 46% of the households in the Carers Register, NGOs manage the other 54%.

    Data represents a snapshot at the end of the quarter indicated apart from Cancelled / Surrendered / Refused / Withdrawn data which covers this quarter compared to last year's corresponding quarter only.

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    Latest quarter detailed statistics

    Statistics on 31 December 2022


    Number of current authorised carers and household members

    There were 17,623 authorised carers and 12,384 household members in December 2022

    Carers and applicants - cancelled or withdrawn

    Number of cancelled or withdrawn carers and applicants

    Households managed by NGOs or DCJ


    Current carer applications

    Number of household applicationsNumber of carer applicants

    Carer applications refused or withdrawn

    StatusOctober - December 2021October - December 2022
    Withdrawn with no concerns322265
    Withdrawn with concerns5139
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