Other Agency Checks and the Residential Register

Last update: 13 September 2022

Agencies are required to exchange relevant information to assess an individual’s suitability as a residential care worker. The Other Agency Check is one of the mandatory probity checks that help agencies to make an informed decision about the suitability of an individual to provide care.

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    What is an ‘Other Agency Check’?

    When recruiting for the position of a residential care worker, agencies must enter details about an applicant onto the Residential Care Workers Register, if the applicant reaches the referee check stage of the application process. The agency is then required to conduct a number of mandatory probity checks. One of these is the Other Agency Check.

    Please read the following guidance and protocol to learn:

    • When this probity check is required
    • What information may be requested or exchanged
    • How information should be shared
    • The legislative basis and framework for the check


    Watch our video on the Other Agency Check for a detailed exploration of this guidance and the related forms. 


    Under the Children’s Guardian Regulation 2022, agencies must complete the Other Agency Check using the form approved by the Children’s Guardian. Two forms have been developed for these requests which will support consistent practice across the sector.

    The appropriate form will depend on whether you are requesting, or responding to a request for, relevant information:

    • Part 1 – Agency requesting information
    • Part 2 – Agency recording and providing information


    Read the Other Agency Check protocol document above for more information on completing these forms.

    If your agency has received a Part 1 form requesting information about a worker who is currently engaged by your agency, you will need to determine if you have any relevant information to exchange.  If your agency does not hold any relevant information about the current employee, you can respond via email, using the response template below.

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